Christian Gentleman

Too many young adult training classes for men focus on serving the Lord’s Supper, leading singing, and preaching a short sermon. The church today lacks teaching materials for young men about what it takes to be a Christian Gentleman. Here is a thirteen chapter book using the New Testament book of First Peter to explore what it means to be a Christian Gentleman. The book includes subjects such as:

  • Chapter One: Dealing With Trials
  • Chapter Two: How To Be A Christian Man
  • Chapter Three: Growing Spiritually
  • Chapter Four: Church Involvement
  • Chapter Five: Making a Living
  • Chapter Six: My Wife and Children
  • Chapter Seven: Be Better
  • Chapter Eight: Christian Obedience
  • Chapter Nine: Dangers In Being A Man
  • Chapter Ten: Using My Talents
  • Chapter Eleven: Endurance
  • Chapter Twelve: Being An Elder
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Ultimate Battle

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