Dealing With Regrets

We all make mistakes. What makes us as successful people is how we recover from those mistakes. Michael Jordan didn’t make his Junior High basketball team. Colonel Sanders had many failed ventures until he stated selling Fried Chicken at age 60. Every successful person has a few failures in his past. Here are some ways that you can deal with the regrets you may be facing.

  1. Own Your Mistake

Don’t blame someone else. Don’t point your finger at your life situation or your spouse or even your culture. You made the mistake, and that’s okay as long as you learn from it. Refusing to take responsibility leaves you open to repeat your mistake. And that’s not okay.

  1. Forgive Yourself And Move On

Yes it is true that forgiving others is a whole lot easier then forgiving yourself. But staying angry at yourself doesn’t get you any closer to peace. Rather, it only makes you discouraged, and when you’re down you’re more likely to make mistakes. It can be a dangerous downward spiral. Your past doesn’t determine your future unless you let it, so move on.

  1. Let It Motivate You

Regret is a useless emotion unless you respond to it with action and a willingness to change. When regret rears its ugly head, use that feeling to kick yourself into high gear. Become a better version of you. Live beyond your weaknesses. Pursue your dream.

  1. Tell Your Story To Others

Live your life in a way that will give you an opportunity to tell others what you’ve survived. Let yourself be someone who others can use to build on your victories and learn from your defeats. God can use you and your example. And won’t it feel great to know that you kept others from making the same mistakes you did?

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