Finding Your Niche (Emphasis is Key)

How do you plan to attain success? Perhaps you are writing the great American novel, or making a superior music album, or working to lead a corporation to the height of your industry. In the race for excellence, it is tempting to have the most superior product, the lowest price, the most long lasting, the best service, the most eloquent of all. All at once.

But this is not the key to your success.

Consider some of the classic, best selling books and movies. Harry Potter works because the plot keep kids glued. The characters in Star Wars are unforgettable. The Avengers series has the absolute special effects. Of course each movie has the other elements in some way, but it’s the place that it excels is what sticks with us. When a movie excels in one category, then it only has to be ‘good enough’ in all other aspects.

Walmart may have some quality things in its store, but its the price that brings us there. A steak house may compete with others restaurants somewhat on it’s prices, but its the quality of its specialty that will bring success. Apple products attract such a loyal following by their style and interchangeability.

Each of these is a way to think about the emphasis of the sides of your business. Pick one way to exceed your competitors in your industry, and then make sure everything else is good enough.


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