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Fifteen chapters dealing with marriage issues, this book looks at the relationship of a husband and wife in light of Biblical teaching.

In my twenty-five years of preaching, I have had many opportunities to do premarital and marital counseling. In these counseling sessions I have found it profitable to assign homework and outside reading. This book is a product of those sessions and homework exercises compiled into a form useful for a church bible class, small group or a series of counseling sessions. It is my hope that you find these lessons to be of help to you in your marriage.

The Christian Gentleman, designed for men’s classes or personal study, reveals the tools and attitudes men need to be successful in today’s world through a study of 1st Peter. This book covers subjects such as leadership, family involvement, spiritual development, finances, and spirituality.

The goal of this lesson series is to provide men a study to learn what God wants from them. Though God’s word is relevant for both men and women of all ages, these lessons are intended for men. Men face different challenges than women and it is vitally important for men to have a deep understanding of the Holy Scriptures. It would be a mistake to presume most men already know what the bible teaches about the role and responsibilities of manhood.


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